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Our policies

Caring Fairly has invested in leading edge research and produced evidence-based policies in eight key domains that can improve the situation for unpaid carers in every Australian electorate. 

Addressing the inequities faced by unpaid carers and their flow-on impacts on the economy will contribute to maintaining healthy, fair and thriving individuals, families and communities across Australia.

1. Carers experience multiple barriers to workforce participation.

Government: improve carers’ participation in the workforce.

2. Australian workplaces could do more to ensure carer inclusion.

Businesses and employers: enhance and ensure carer inclusion in Australian workplaces.

3. The financial impacts of limited participation in the workforce are immediate and cumulative.

Government: invest in the long-term economic security of unpaid carers.

4. Young carers experience acute challenges, and many face life long disadvantage.

Government: ensure that all young carers can be identified and assisted.

5. Many carers want to work, but existing policies restrict opportunities.

Government: remove existing policies that restrict opportunities for unpaid carers to work.

6. Female carers are especially disadvantaged, entrenching wider social patterns of gender inequality.

Government: recognise, mitigate, and take proactive steps to overcome gender inequality among carers.

7. Some types of care (including mental health care and episodic care) require a specialised response, but government services are being realigned away from targeted support services.

Government: respond to the distinct features of mental health and episodic caring, and invest in tailored support.

8. Changes to federal and state support systems for carers are creating growing support gaps for mental health carers.

Government: develop and implement a whole of government response to address growing support service gaps for mental health carers.

The Caring Fairly coalition, in consultation with carers, policy experts and academics has produced a detailed policy platform. These policies will improve workforce participation for carers, make workplaces more carer inclusive, improve the economic security of carers, ensure young carers are identified and supported, and address gaps in support services for carers. 

Please download our full policy platform here

As of August 2018, this policy platform has been presented- in person- to key federal ministers and policy advisors across health, social services, and other portfolios; within government and opposition. This policy platform will form the basis for Caring Fairly’s forthcoming federal election campaign. 

Caring Fairly is currently developing a toolkit for campaign supporters to use these policies to advocate for change in their own electorate. This toolkit will be available in October 2018. Please keep in touch with Caring Fairly through our social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter, or sign up for future updates on Caring Fairly’s campaigning activities.